Be the King or Queen of your own Mountain.


King of the Mountain Financial Advice is different to most other financial advice groups – we provide financial advice to cyclists (road, track and mountain bike) and to triathletes.

We can provide full financial advice that suits your level of finances, understanding and tolerance. We’ve made the effort to be knowledgeable in all areas so you don’t have to.

The founder, Dan Corbett, commenced financial advising in the late-1990’s. He has built a career learning the best bits from small, medium and large financial advice groups, as well as managing teams within each.

As much as advising is about knowing what to do, it’s about knowing what not to do too.

He did his first triathlon around 1990, ended up at the World 70.3 Champ’s in 2006, and has moved over to road and track racing, with a few mountain bike races thrown into the mix in the ‘old days’ too.

He understands how to help cyclists and triathletes, because he lives and breathes cycling and financial advice.